Chakra cleansing Sound Healing Meditation with Awakening Prema

10 November 2018 from 19:15-20:15

Chakras Cleansing Sound Healing Meditation with Awakening Prema

Join Awakening Prema (Renato and Ana) in 1 hour of a deep immersion within yourself bringing your mind, body and soul into harmony.

You will be guided into cleansing each one of the 7 main chakras through visualization of each one of the main energy centers while receiving a special sound vibration bath with the tibetan bowls, monochord, voice, chimes, tong drum and much more
The 7 main chakras are key to our health, a gateway between our physical and astral bodies located in our etheric body, bringing the vital energy to key parts of our physical body like the functioning of the endocrine glands responsible by the hormonal secretion.

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