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Ruhaniyat – Presence in Absence


Ruhaniyat – Presence in Absence

Mystic Meditation from Sufism

Dubai meditates on the 24th of February. Join us! It is free of charge and everyone is welcome. A collaboration between The UAE Meditates and 136.1 Yoga Studio , Dubai Marina The personal enlightenment that comes from Sufi meditation is achieved by letting go of dualistic attitudes and ideas. All too often we see the world in a dualistic way – for instance, if we see a tree we think of it as being a single thing, completely separate and detached from everything else around it, when in fact the tree is connected to all aspects of life – for instance it provides oxygen for us to breathe, fuel for our fires, shelter for animals, fruit for us to eat…the list goes on. Dualism only allows us to see the individual objects in the world, whereas Sufi meditation teaches us to take a step back so that we can appreciate and enjoy the complex connections of the universe.In Sufi meditation practices man loses consciousness of his own existence and reaches out to become part of the Self from which he has been separated. So what does Sufi meditation actually entail? Well a lot of people seem to think that practicing meditation is little more than sitting quietly with closed eyes, but of course, the technique is much more complex than that. While meditating, the individual shuts out all forms of outside stimuli and focuses their gaze inwards so that they can explore themselves and achieve an intimate relationship with their soul. Through dedicated practice, Sufi meditation allows an individual to escape from the constrictions of dualistic attitudes so that they are free to explore the endless wonders that can be found within each of us. By gaining a better understanding of your true self, you will develop a much stronger connection to the universe; to the life that surrounds you in all forms. By improving your spiritual understanding and overall emotional well being, you will find that you are able to enjoy life to a much fuller extent.

We would start right on time, at 7PM. Please be a bit early. (The halls will be free by 6.30pm itself)


Please join us and come with your friends too! It is free of charge.

When: 24th February, 7pm

Where: 136.1 Yoga Studio,Trident Bayside, Dubai Marina Contact : 04-4416287

Who: Everyone is welcome. It is free of charge

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