Karthik was born and brought up in South of India, place where yoga is still practiced in the most authentic way without distortion. Though Karthik started his career as an artist, working for animation & movie visual effects, turned a yoga teacher for the love of the subject, that is an ocean, practiced under the guidance of 4 different teachers and different styles at different times. A strong believer that ‘Knowledge should come from different sources. If it came from the same source, it becomes stiff and stale’. Karthik aims to focus on health aspects of his students, understanding the limitations and possibilities and move towards the spiritual aspects of the yoga practice, preserving the values and essence of classical hatha yoga without distortion from its purpose and incorporating these in every session. In a world where yoga is distorted so much from its purpose, he feels it is his responsibility as a teacher to teach the real yoga, with a hope that truth will triumph. He started his training by learning the integral style of yoga from his first teacher a long time ago for many years, eventually had an opportunity to practice Ashtanga yoga under the guidance of Sri SharathJois in Mysore & Sri. Ravi and Sri.Srimathi in Chennai, India. He practices not only the asana part of yoga but also pranayama and dharana. He is certified from Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Meenakshi Ashram, Madurai. Later at the beginning of 2018, he graduated in Advanced teacher training certification learning VinyasaKrama taught by revered Sri. SrivatsaRamaswami. He was a student of Sri. Krishnamacharya for over 30 years and is known for the purity of his teaching. Currently, he teaches Ashtanga yoga, Vinyasa Krama (as taught by Sri. SrivatsaRamaswamy) and classical Hatha yoga focusing on alignment, breath, and dristi. Karthik quotes “the strength of a teacher is not in his teaching but the willing to be a student”. He loves to pass on the little knowledge that he had gained in his journey in the path of yoga continues to be a student at the same time. Apart from yoga, Karthik is also a certified energy healer and space clearing consultant. He is certified from Cosmic Holistic Studies, India, Chennai. As a space clearing consultant, he clears negative energies at home/office, making it conducive to spiritual practices, prosperity and well being. He practices Divine healing method and as a space clearing consultant, clears negative energies at home/office, making it conducive.
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