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Sound Vibration Meditation by Awakening Prema

Sound Vibration Meditation by Awakening Prema
13th and 27th January

Join Awakening Prema (Renato & Ana) in 1 hour of pure relaxation to your body, mind and soul.

Sound already has a powerful capacity to relax our body & mind and install stilness, happiness and joy. Sound is also used as therapy since early times based on the principle of physics that everything is vibration and has a frequency, from the human body to thoughts and emotions.

Sound Vibration Meditation is based on the principle of “sympathetic resonance” where the vibration/frequency of the harmonic sounds played by several specific instruments naturally brings everything in the surrounding to the same state of harmony, what we call raising the vibration and that means bringing the physical body, mind and emotions into a state of stability, harmony and health.

When we add the intention with a positive feeling of love, happiness, joy and gratitude into the journey we make it more powerful and open the doors for the universe to bring our intention into the physical reality.

With a blend of many different instruments from the Tibetan Singing bowls and many shamanic instruments like the ocean drum, shamanic drum, rain stick, Native American flute and maracas, plus a special flow of the tong drum, chimes and the monochord. You will be taken into a special energy cleanse, going deeper into the physical, mental and emotional bodies.

Benefits can be achieve this journey:

– Relief from stress, anxiety and physical pain;
– Improve focus and concentration;
– Relax the nervous system;
– Harmonize the metabolism, blood circulation and immunologic system;
– Improve the self esteem and well being;
– Stimulate the cellular renovation;
– Stimulate a natural state of happiness;
– Chakra and aura balancing and cleaning (and corresponding organs and glands)

It is an unique experience that Awakening Prema is doing in many Countries around the world.

Renato Koch practice yoga for more than 9 Years, graduated in Hatha Yoga and Vedanta by Sivananda in Kerala – South India, has a wide experience in many different healing modalities like Reiki, Pranic Healing, Theta Healing, Chinese Energetics and many different energy healing groups, Spiritism, Vipassana Meditation and studying ancient philosophies for more than 15 years, among others.

Together with Ana Palma, graduated in Sound Healing through Tibetan Bowls in Goa – India, Overtone and Sound Healing with Harmonic Sounds in Spain and many workshops in how to use the power of our thoughts and feelings to heal ourselves with Dr. Joe Dispenza, satsangs with Mooji and SadGuru, and much more.

Their purpose is to make us aware of many different frequencies, vibrations and energy layers from which our body, mind and emotions are composed of, and how we can deal with our thoughts and emotions to harmonize ourselves, vibrating into higher feelings of love, compassion and gratitude in order to unlock our inner abilities to create the life of our dreams.

When: 13th and 27th January

Timings: 6:00PM-7:00PM

Energy Exchange: 100AED non member
80AED members

Booking at 04-4416287
(Pre-bookings is a must)

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