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Secrets of Face Reading – Master Workshop

Friends, We invite you to become a Master Face Reader!! A very profound workshop on the ancient art of face reading by Master Spiritual Trainer & Face Reader – Virrendra Varma.

What is Face reading?
Our face speaks a lot. From the face of a person, shape, lines, bone structure,features, marks, moles, and aura of the person around the face we can certainly find and tell a lot about a person’s character, nature, good and bad personality traits, destiny, fortune, and so on. Chinese call it Mian Xiang, Mian – face and Xiang- physiognomy i.e. Chinese art of face reading. Compared to other tools like horoscope, tarot reading, palm reading, handwriting analysis etc, face reading is quite easy as you do not need any other tools besides the face of that person. Without asking or informing the opposite person one can easily read his face.

Different ways of Face Reading include:
Vedic face reading – This kind of reading combines astrology and planetary positions.
Western face reading – This kind of reading tells more about a person’s character, nature and personality traits.
Chinese face reading – This kind of reading tells you about the person’s luck and fortune. It also reveals many more things besides nature, character and personality traits.

More information about the face
The face is divided in three zones – Upper zone, middle zone and lower zone.There are 1-100 positions or points on the face which are related to age of the person from 1-100 years. The face is classified in 12 palaces from where you consider the different aspect of life for the person. Out of these besides nature and character, you can come to know about the person’s talents, obstacles, challenges, potentials and so on about the person.

How is it useful?

We all are Face Readers. We all read faces in our day to day lives unknowingly. For eg. You can easily know by the face of a person whether he is happy or sad or whether he is in a good or a bad mood. However, when you learn more about the techniques of Face reading, it enables us to understand people around us with great ease. It becomes easy to interact or deal with people when you know a person’s nature, attitude or behaviour just by his face. It is
possible that a person may not have an accurate birth details or he may give fake details, however face never lies. You can read a person like a book. With the help of face reading it is possible to recruit a right person for the job, or compatible life partner, choose a right job according to his attitude and ability.You can know whether a person is honest or reliable.

Learn and apply this art and technique in a positive way and have lots of fun!!!

Learn to study the face of people. It is a great skill to understanding what lies underneath. This oppose to Shakespeare’s idea in his play Macbeth: “There’s no art to find the mind’s construction in the face”. For the face is truly an opened book.

As a mirror shows what is in front, so the face reveals the full mind. Meaning Mirror always reflects what is before it. Similarly, the human face is the mirror of what is inside one’s mind. By seeing one’s face, we would be able to interpret what is happening within.

When – Thursday 1st March 2018 – 7 pm to 9 pm
2nd & 3rd March Friday & Saturday – 10.30 am to 6.30 pm
Where – 136.1 Yoga Studio In Dubai Marina
Workshop Exchange -Early Bird AED 1500 plus Vat up to 10th Feb. After 10th Feb Aed 1650 plus VAT
(Including Manual, Certification & Lunch)
For Bookings Contact – 136.1 Yoga Studio Contact – 044416287 / Prem Amit on 0526341860. Email – Prem.amit10@gmail.com

Personal Sessions can be given by Mr. Virrendra Varma from 1st March to 10th March In Dubai..

About the Trainer:
Mr. Virrendra Varma, born and brought up in Mumbai, is a Spiritual Advisor and a Trainer with immense knowledge and experience in his field. He has been practising for more than 15 years. He started off with Astrology and then there was no turning back. He developed his interest in various other fields and offers consultation and training for Face Reading, Graphology, Numerology, Tarrot, Vastu, Signature Analysis and many more. For more information please visit his Website : http://www.virrendravarma.com/

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