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Exploring our inner and outer worlds with Awakening Prema

Exploring our inner and outer worlds with Awakening Prema
16th February, 2:00PM-6:00PM

A journey from our consciousness to our physical reality
Everything in the physical world is made out of atoms. Atoms are made out of energy. And energy is made out of consciousness. We are this consciousness, even without being aware of it.
Let’s explore what is consciousness, what is the self, what is awareness beyond and within our 5 senses and how all is connected to our day to day life.

In the workshop we will explore:
– Aim of Yoga – the spiritual truth behind and beyond the physical practice;
– The basis of Vedanta (ancient Indian philosophy) with the aspects of our eternal consciousness, from the un-manifested to the manifested reality, from the non physical to the physical;
– The connection of the ancient wisdom with quantum physics and modern science;
– Vehicles of the manifestation of our life;
Understanding the 3 bodies (physical, astral and causal) and the 5 koshas or sheaths
– Exploring our energy fields, aura, chakras, energy channels and its connection to our emotions, physical body and the endocrine system;
– How the practice of yoga and meditation affect our bodies and promotes health for the whole system;
– How we can transform our reality by controlling 3 pillars (thoughts, emotions and actions);
– Practice of conscious breathing to clear and open our energy fields;
– Practice of cleansing the chakras with the bija-mantras;
– Guided meditation to embrace our higher consciousness, to connect with our divinity within us;

When: 16th of February
Timings: 2:00PM- 6:00PM
Investment: 450AED for non members / 400AED for members

Booking in advance is crucial to guarantee your spot and for the printing of the material for each participant .

Call 04-4416287 for bookings.

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