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With a curious mind from a young age, Yashwant Saran was keen to master vast amounts of knowledge of all that was around him. Rafts of data and information easily recalled, stood him in good stead in his early career as a management consultant. Over time he realized that just knowing though was not enough. The hereditary imprints of his Mother and Grandmother tugged at his heart to look within. On a new quest to know himself, he ardently studied Tantric and ancient traditions from past and current masters. Swami Niranjan and Swami Satsangi of the Bihar School of Yoga have been inspirational influences in his life.
Closer to home, the serenity and simplicity of his wife and the one pointedness of their German Shepherd are constant opportunities for learning. Describing his current life as akin to “walking on fire while chewing glass”, he works tirelessly to create and diffuse a yogic way of life for today’s urbanite through the 136.1 chain of yoga studios he founded a few years ago. Dubai, India and Nepal are now his homes with additional destinations soon to follow.

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