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Marksim karki

I started my yoga practice in my childhood (age 10) on 1996 with my yoga teacher Dr.Madhavan who is successfully running a well known Vivekananda Institute of Yoga Therapy in Karur, South India. Due to the interest in Asanas and Yogic philosophy, Im deeply admired and after my secondary studies entered into the field of yoga teaching along with my Yoga teacher. I did TTC in Sivananda Dhanwantri Ashram, Kerala and Yoga Instructor Course (YIC) in Svyasa, Bangalore on 2003. Right after these courses I started my teaching profession along with my B.Sc in Psychology. Have taught yoga in schools, Banks and corporates through which I shared and learned the yogic techniques to adapt to our modern lifestyle. I have attended various yoga competitions and won many laurels which few among them are won 1st place in International Yoga festival in Pondicherry on 2006 & First runner up in Malaysian International Yoga Competition on 2011. But the interest which I developed in Yoga is not merely doing asanas but the impact of yoga in our life style.

           Understanding Yoga philosophies and techniques not only gives good health but also changes me the way to look at life and to make the life more contemplated and happier. I did my Sadhana Intensive in Sivananda Ashram in Uttar kashi Himalayas which shows the power of pranayama on 2007. After this I did ATTC in Sivananda ashram, kerala on 2008.  After 6 years of teaching with my teacher, I went to Malaysia and spent 2 years as a Yoga Teacher in True Yoga, Kualalumpurwhich is one of a well known Yoga & Fitness company throughout Asia. There I explored so called modern trends of yoga like power yoga, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Hot yoga and Intensive hath a etc. I developed my own style of teaching which I am well known for making corrections and pushing them to new limits to explore advanced postures with humorous touch in the class. Also break down the advanced postures to reach gradual perfection according to the individual ability.

            After this I came to Muscat, Oman and currently teaching here since april 2012. Here more or less I am a freelance Yoga Teacher which I conduct group classes along with different yoga Workshops & Retreats in different countries. I am always wanted to share the yogic knowledge and experience of what I have through my teaching in all forms of courses. To keep myself updated and not to loose the yogic learning, I have committed to attend at least one yoga course once a year and recently completed my M.Sc in Yoga. What I believe as a strength of my teaching is preparing and advancing the students from their level through different techniques.I am also well versed in Kriyas (Shat karma’s) which I explored from my teacher including Neti, Nauli, vastra dhauti, danda dauthi, Shanka prakshalana etc.


The topics I’m interested to do as workshops are :

1) Joint opening and twisting the spine (focusing on shoulders and hip joint opening and rotations, twisting sequence for flexibility)

2) Methods and progress on Inversions (focusing on Sirsasana with variations, vrischikasana and sarvangasana)

3) Alignment and advancing the asanas (focusing on developing the intermediate and advanced postures through different methods)

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