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Majida Talayeh

“Originally from Lebanon and based in dubai Majida considers herself a global citizen as she was born and raised in Brazil and lived in Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain. She believes every country brings the best out of us and makes us unique individuals.

Coming to Dubai in 2012 and feeling overwhelmed by this fast moving city, Majida felt that she needs to deepen her knowledge in what makes her life more peaceful and relaxed. She quit her job as a school teacher and started pursuing something more fulfilling.

Majida’s curiosity about the connection between the mind,body, and soul led to limitless developments and exciting challenges…

In 2013 the passion for yoga grew bigger after getting rid of lower back pain on the physical level and having boundless thinking to a more joyful and blissful journey.

Majida is now a Hatha and Vinyasa instructor ( Ryt 200), Reiki healer, certified NLP and EFT practitioner.

Teaching yoga for 3 years now Majida is able bring balance in her students’ practice by focusing on breathing, meditation, and physical poses ( asanas).

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