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Livia Anzaldo

At 23 years of age, living in London, active and energetic Livia tried her first Yoga class at her local gym but was left unimpressed and almost fell asleep from boredom.

Two years into her first corporate job and on the verge of going insane, Livia began to realize the benefits of Yoga and her addiction for this art and science started. Yoga was indeed her savior and she was hooked from then onwards! She took an intense 40-day Hatha Yoga Teacher training course (200 hours) in Kerala, India, with an incredibly inspiring Yoga Guru at the Yoga Alliance International School of Yoga Pada, in March 2011

Dubai has given her the opportunity to practice regularly, establish her own Yoga business and most importantly, encourage others to include it in everyday lives. She teaches Yoga for mums and babies, adults and toddlers and shares the benefits of this art with many corporate clients. Livia continues her education attending regular workshops in Yoga, Personal Development and Wellness. Recently she attended Kreig Weiss Kinesiology Teacher Training (2013) and Les Leventhal Forrest Yoga Teacher Training (2014) in Dubai – both adding another 50 hours to her Yoga personal development.

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