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Liisa Maimon

In 2009 Liisa participated in the very first Tantra Yoga course given by his teacher Somananda in Estonia. Without immediately realizing it, this event was the turning point in a new and exciting chapter of her life – the spiritual path. Feeling a strong connection with the teachings, Liisa continued her Tantra, Yoga, and meditation studies with Somananda and Agama Yoga, a tantric Yoga school. She realized that Yoga, especially the way it is taught according to an authentic lineage, is a very powerful and practical science for personal evolution.

Liisa has completed the intensive Agama Teacher Training Course and had been actively teaching Yoga since. After three years of personal study with Somananda she was also given the license of a Tantra Teacher. Liisa, who was born in Estonia, is the cofounder and general manager of somananda.org, a tantric Meditation and Yoga school. Liisa has a masters degree in Public Policy and Management from the University of Constance, Germany.

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