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I am a former flight Purser and Part time Service Trainer with Emirates Airlines with two and a half decades traveling internationally. My journey of yoga began in December 2004 as I made my footprints around the world. Yoga was my travel companion, my home away from home. As I was fortunate to have the opportunity to practice with many wonderful teachers and master teachers around the world, my practice started to unfold and evolve in its own way. The practice of yoga and all the teachers that crossed my path have inspired me and taught me invaluable lessons on the mat and off the mat. It teaches me how to face life and career challenges and obstacles with grace, strength and acceptance. Yoga also teaches me how to thrive and survive in the sea of life with a profound understanding of the impermanence of all things in life. If you would like to explore and receive the value and blessings of yoga, I invite you to join me on this journey. I am a Certified Vinyasa Yoga teacher trained initially under the watchful eyes of Yoga Master Max Strom and then later with well-known teacher Erica Blitz. I am also a Vipassana meditator. Vinyasa Yoga is a style of yoga that focuses on the power of breathing and flowing movement through a series of poses. In Vinyasa flow Yoga class, you are expected to move and breathe smoothly through one pose to another. It is almost like a form of flowing meditation. You are expected to sweat and revitalize your body; you are encouraged to cultivate the breathing that calms the mind as you move throughout the poses. My goal as a teacher is to empower you to embrace your inner journey with focus and awareness during the practice as well as finding the balance that ultimately helps to ground you physically, mentally and emotionally. My class will allow you to explore and discover this journey in the present moment, one breath at a time. I invite you to join me to explore and experience this beautiful and meaningful ancient wisdom with an open heart and an open mind!

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