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For Anuradha, a successful career in the corporate segment for over 2 decades spanning over 6 different industry lines such as, Wellness, Beauty & Spa, Health Care, Holistic Wellness & Alternate Healing, Hospitality & IT, changed route as the understanding of the Mind-Body-Energy connection emerged.

Embarking on an extensive study of various alternate healing modalities such as Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Sound Healing, Metaphor Therapy, Drawing Analysis, Access Consciousness and Theta Healing, this understanding helped her to establish an independent practice as an Executive & Holistic Consultant with an aim to build a successful bridge between corporate and personal wellness.

Her tag line “My Life My Miracle”, is backed by the philosophy that every individual has equal potential to achieve anything and everything they want in life by just switching on the spot light within themselves.

A 60 minute mediation with Anuradha is a medley of the Gongs & various ancient & therapeutic sound healing instruments, Gong Yoga, Hand Mudras, Chanting, Breath Work, Aroma Therapy and Guided Visualization blended with an aim to release emotional blocks & assist spiritual evolution in the participants.

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