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Seven Steps to Cosmic Breathing by Swami Mahesh

Prana is the universal life force, the essence of all motion,
and the basis of all manifestation in the Cosmos. It is the essence of life and existence itself. The yogis and the Seers have experimented with this vital life force and come up with a grand and complete understanding of its working principles and processes.
The science of Prana and Pranayama deals with the complete
process of managing, activating, regulating and increasing its flow and capacity to connect us, ultimately, to the source of life and Supreme Consciousness. It gives us proper control over our body and mind, and connects us to our inner being, restoring health,
vitality, insight, creativity and joy.

Learn seven major Pranayama practices as mentioned in the ancient Hatha Yoga Texts. All levels welcome.

About Swami Mahesh :

Swami Mahesh is a wandering yogi from India. He has a degree in Engineering and a Masters in Yoga Philosophy and has over 25 years of experience teaching yoga. As an independent wandering yogi, he travels both nationally and internationally to conduct seminars, workshops and retreats on yoga in various educational, social, and corporate institutions, yoga studios, prisons, and many other facitilities. He has conducted yoga workshops at many notable Universities around the world, including Harvard, Princeton, JFK, Minnesota, UT at Austin, Oregon, Chicago in USA, Cologne and Bremen University in Germany, Sofia and New Bulgaria University in Bulgaria, and many more in Europe, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Ecuador, etc. He leads special yoga retreats in Tibet, Iceland, Peru, Antarctica, and throughout the world. His articulate and engaging teaching technique in an open caring environment creates an effective learning of Yoga and spiritual life.

For more : https://wanderingmahesh.blogspot.in/

Investment : AED 175 / AED 150 (members)

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