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On & Off the Mat The Fruits of Yoga by Isha

On & Off the Mat: The Fruits of Yoga by Isha

Five Secrets Hidden in Your Yoga Practice and How You Bring them Along in Daily Life.

On and Off the mat, the benefits of your practice are manyfold. Yes, there is flexibility and clarity of mind. But, how do these benefits come along? More importantly how do they persist, improve and become long lasting. Beyond the tip of the iceberg, we will unveil some of the most common yet hidden secrets of the Science of Yoga and How your practice on the Mat shares benefits out of the mat and vice-versa.

These are 120 minutes of interactive and playful practice intertwined with some short videos and music.
– Consciousness
– Brain Waves
– Breathing
– Bandhas
– Diet

Note: Open to anyone! (teenagers, adults of all ages and practice, pregnant and post-natal women)

Date: 5th of Feb, Sunday
Time: 7pm till 9pm

Led by: Isha

Investment: 100 for members/ 125 for non members.
(100 aed only for advance payment)

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