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LSD Yoga – Long , Slow and Deep Yoga by Pressiana

LSD Yoga – Long , Slow and Deep Yoga by Pressiana (Vishuddhi )on 12th March

This workshop will reveal the richness of slowness and stillness.We will combine asanas (postures), pranayama ( breathing) and slow movements to develop the sensitivity and understanding about our comfort zones and discomforts.The slow practices are simple but at the same time quite intense and challenging.Gravity will be an essential part of the workshop. We will learn how to utilize it in our asanas and surrender to it to make it work for us. When we move slow or stay in the asanas for a longer period, the effect reaches the nadis (meridians) where the prana energy(life force energy) flows. The effect takes place on much deeper layers than the physical body alone, it works on the mental, emotional and energy levels. We will improve the circulation of prana, which will start removing any mental or emotional blockages that have created tensions. Take a break from every day hectic life and treat yourself with two hours of deep sweet relaxation, a more in depth understanding about yourself, a good laugh and maybe even a cry .

The workshop is suitable for complete beginners to advanced students.

Date :30th March (7 pm – 9 pm )

-AED 125 for members
-AED 150 for non members

About Vishuddhi (Pressiana )

PressianaPetia( SannyasinVishuddhi) was introduced to OM as the essence of existence by her mother, and yoga has been a part of her life since her childhood.Primarily working as a professional photographer Pressianawas born in Bulgaria but based in Germany and teaching in centers and ashrams around the world. She is the founder and director of Corsica-Yoga Center since 2000 where she gives classes, workshops, retreats and teacher training programs.

She studied in India for years with great masters as Swami Satyananda, B.K.S Iyengar, RishiDharmajyoti, just to name some, and holds a diploma in advanced yogic studies and yoga therapy from Vishwa Yoga Darshan in Trimbakeshwar in India. Pressiana is initiated into Sannyas in the lineage of Bihar School of Yoga and carries the spiritual name Sn.VishuddhiSaraswati.Alongside she is certified Ayurveda panchakarmatherapist and Reiki Grandmaster.
Her yoga classes merge the dualities of being funny & serious, fast & slow, laughing & crying. The main focus is on awareness, concentration and sensitivity on every breath, emotion, thought and pose.

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