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Learn Self Hypnosis with John Hannah

Self hypnosis is one of the most effective ways to improve yourself and is an amazing way to advance your personal development. Many people have found self hypnosis to be a positive and enjoyable way to enhance their life, achieve goals and remove stress. Hypnosis is a natural state of mind that when harnessed, can catapult your learning and development.

Understand why self hypnosis works. Discover how to remove mental blocks and barriers. Learn how to create empowering states of mind. Experience a hypnosis session. Model the excellence of others. Learn to easily hypnotise yourself. Increase your personal performance and excel.

Join John Hannah (Personal Development Trainer and Coach) in this two day workshop and learn how to use the power of your sub conscious mind for personal change.

What you will learn:

How does it all work?
– Myth busting – What is hypnosis?
– Epistemology – How can we recreate our perception?
– The creation cycle – What is association?
– Brainwave patterns – What is an hypnotic state?
– Belief’s – Believe in Yourself?
– Positive Cognition – How do we make hypnotic suggestions?
– Hypnotic state – Experience a hypnosis session.

Learn 5 different hypnotic inductions
– Calm mind.
– Rotation of consciousness.
– Finger breathing.
– Progressive relaxation.
– Betty Erickson.

Utilise your hypnotic state
Learn 5 ways to utilise your hypnotic state. Have more choice!
– Collapse negative mental anchors.
– State building.
– Modeling Excellence
– Affirmation.
– Dream Scape.

Advanced techniques
Learn 5 techniques to supplement your hypnosis experience.
Anchoring your hypnotic state.
Utilise unconscious signals.
Healing emotional pain.
Control physical pain.
Learn catalepsy and fully relax your physical body.

This is a full 2 days elf hypnosis course:
5th and 6th Febuary @ 9am – 4:30pm

– AED 1200 for Non Members Early bird AED 900
– AED 900 for Members Early Bird AED 675

Enquiries & Bookings:
04 441 6287 / 05 595 60668

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