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Jump forward, Jump back and Jump through (Ashtanga Workshop)

Jump forward, Jump back and Jump through (Ashtanga Workshop)

Let’s Join Fatima in another wonderful workshop that she will led, Calling all Ashtanga lovers.

In fatima’s behalf:
Dear Students,

On Saturday, February 4th (7 to 8:30pm) I will be taking a special class mainly adressed for the Ashtanga students. We will be focusing in how to improve the Jumpings in primary series such us jumping forward into standing position, jumping back and jumping trough.

We will take a closer look of the transitions, floatings and how to jump directly into the poses. As in the regular Led classes I can not always interrupt the rythm of the practice, I would love to use this special class to introduce you to those technical aspects in order to make the practice more comfortable,smooth and coherent.

Hope you can manage to find the time to attend this class as I believe it can make the difference in your daily practice.

Thank you all

Date : 4th of feb, Saturday
Time: 7pm till 8:30pm

Energy Exchange:
125 aed for members
150 aed for non members

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