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Desert Sonic Meditations

Desert Sonic Meditations

Desert Sonic Meditations | Detach…Open…Absorb…(Yourself)!

You may be wondering how sound is able to improve your physical, mental and emotional state?Science has revealed that the human body is basically a vibrational frequency entity. Each cell in your body emits and also accepts frequencies . Hence think of a sick or damaged cell as a cell “out oftune”.Through sound therapy your body can identify and accept the needed frequencies.

The result is chakra balancing and cells alignment – a whole “tuning up” process.A sound re-treat to support you in staying connected to health and vitality in the everyday life situations.Marko Zigon – An audio engineer and sound therapist from Europe will share a deep and immersivesound bath with the Himalayan singing bowls and other instruments. An inner inspection to releasetension whilst exploring the deeper side of your essence before starting new challenges.

Date : 1st February, Wednesday

Time : 7:30pm to 8:30pm

Energy Exchange : 80 AED

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