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Candle Meditation with Gongs

Most commonly known as Focused Gazing or Candle Flame Gazing meditation, this journey of 60 minutes starts with fixing your outward gaze on a flame of candle and then takes your gaze inwards on your inner divine light. The training of one pointedness of the mind is the first step to freedom from thoughts. The eyes are doorways to the mind, and intimately related to it. When the eyes are fixed and unmoving, the mind automatically ceases its thinking process and its concentration deepens. A powerful blend of the Medley of sound healing instruments, Guided Visualization, Chants, Gong Yoga, Hand Mudras, Breath Work & Aroma Therapy interwoven in the 60 minutes with Anuradha.

Date : 14th March, Tuesday
Time: 7pm to 9pm

Energy Exchange is 100 aed.

Please Call 044416287 for any inquiries and bookings.
See you all on the mat.

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