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Buteyko Breathing Method by Barbara Pidgeon and Gray Caws

Buteyko Breathing Method by Patrick McKeown, Barbara & Gray Caws

Along with our regular breathing events, we are pleased to be able to offer a three day workshop that can quite literally transform your life.

This event is for anyone who would like to reduce stress, who would like to know how to naturally reduce and maintain a healthy weight and metabolism, who would like to know how to avoid di-abetes, stop snoring and know how to cure asthma. In fact, this workshop is for anyone who would like to perform better at everything they do.

Days 1 and 2 of the event are particularly targeted at health improvement and management.
Day 3 is for anyone interested in improving physical performance whether running, cycling, walking and overall well-being.

Dates: 14th – 16th of April
Time: 9am till 1pm

The 3 day workshop is being led by:

Patrick McKeown
After receiving accreditation from Dr. Konstantin Buteyko in 2002, Patrick has delivered Breathing Re-Education to healthcare professionals, and adults and children with sleep disordered breathing and breathing pattern disorders including oral breathing. He is the author of five instructional DVD courses and eight books including his latest book titled “The Oxygen Advantage” which explores improving sports performance and health by addressing breathing pattern disorders in athletes.

Barbara Pidgeon
A consultant in corporate and personal transformation, Barbara left a successful career in the oil industry to fully dedicate her time to making a difference in the world. She has a wide experience in many facets of holistic healthcare, in particular, she has deep expertise on how, quite simply, we can make profound changes in our lives through how we breathe.

Gray Caws
Gray Caws is a UK Level 4 Specialist Personal Trainer, Master Chi Running Coach and a certified ‘Oxygen Advantage’ (Buteyko) Instructor. In 2014 he was appointed director of Chi Running for UK & Ireland, responsible for the management and development of programmes across this region, including Instructor Training.

He trains clients on a 1-2-1 basis and holds regular workshops and retreats in the UK and throughout Europe with upcoming work in Poland, Spain, Ireland and Italy.

Gray discovered a passion for running in 2004 and loves nothing more than to be in the great outdoors, connected to the environment developing a mindful practice.

The investment for three days that will, in ways unimagined, change your life is just AED 1,400. Days 1 and 2 only is on offer at AED 900 and day 3 only is available for AED 550.
An early bird discount of 10% is available until February 28th. 30% is payable on registration, the balance will be due for payment by 15th March.

Places are limited, so don’t miss this opportunity to start your journey towards being better at everything you do.

Contact 04-4416287 to know more and to book your place now.

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