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Backbends and Heart opening by Desire

Backbends and Heart opening by Desire

Join us for a 2 hour workshop as we explore backbends and heart opening!

Backbends can be challenging and sometimes intimidating but they are an important part of a well-rounded yoga practice and their benefits are endless. On a physical level backbends stimulate the central nervous system, realign and increase mobility in the spinal column, open up the shoulders and chest, stretch the hip flexors, strengthen the legs… Aside from the tremendous physical benefits, backbends are especially powerful on energetic level – regardless of how long you’ve been practicing yoga, they retain the unique ability to stimulate a huge surge of energy that brightens our moods and makes our spirits soar. They open the energetic heart center (Anahata) creating a sense of lightness and allow the expansive energy of heart to flow more freely. This is why the most satisfying, soul-stirring backbends are those that feel like you’re not just bending your spine, but also opening and liberating your heart center.

In this workshop, we will break down the fundamentals of safe backbending and refine the more intricate elements of these stimulating and energizing poses. Come and see how we can tweak our backbends to make them more accessible, comfortable, and perhaps eventually go even deeper.
We will explore a range of backbends from the basic to more advanced variations and find the balance between strong stabilizing effort and the glorious ease of allowing opening in your body and your heart.

A proper warm up and a sweet restorative cool down at the end will ensure that we practice safely.

Come prepared to transform your backbends and your yoga practice.

Date : 3rd of Feb, Friday
Time : 9am to 11am

Investment: 125 aed for members / 150 for non members

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