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Classy Yoga in a Classy Ambience


Introducing 136.1, Dubai’s first chain of integrated yoga studios, that arms you with timeless yoga techniques in a swanky, state-of-the-art studio ambience. At 136.1, it will be our mission to make everyone feel lighter, fresher and stronger by offering group and personalized yoga classes, every week.



136.1 is perhaps, the only place in UAE, where you have the flexibility of learning classical yoga from a variety of schools including Iyengar, Sivananda, Satyanada Yoga Vinyoga and Mysore Ashtanga Vinyasa. Our highly qualified yoga teachers also have the capability of customizing classes according to your health needs.

Why The Name136.1

Why 136.1

A brand new concept deserves a brand new name. What do you call a yoga studio that aspires to present authentic yoga with a twist?You need a path breaking name, right? That’s why we chose 136.1 (pronounced one thirty six point one). It’s a name that defies all conventions of naming. On the face of it, it seems like a simple number. If you probe deeper, it’s as profound as yoga.​​


We named our Yoga Studio Chain ‘136.1’ as 136.1 Hertz is the frequency of OM, the all connecting sound of the universe. Every word uttered and every thinkable thought is said to have originated from this sacred word. The incredible vibrations that this primordial sound creates, has the power to let anyone transcend the mind and discover their true selves. Isn’t that the very purpose of yoga?

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Why The Flower Yogi Logo

The Logo

The flower yogi is the graphic mnemonic of 136.1 Yoga Studio. Constructed out of lotus petals, the yogi seems to be in a perennial state of welcome-asana. If you peer closer, the flower yogi appears to be the proverbial third eye of the first yogi of this universe – Lord Shiva. From a distance, the mnemonic also seems to resemble a diya or lamp (signifying enlightenment).


The intriguing and engaging logo of ‘136.1’ has been consciously crafted with multiple-layers to signify the profundity of yoga. The usage of a colour gradient is to cue the fact that 136.1 is meant for all spectrums of age and sex.


The gradual transformation from the Wattle Green hue to the Tory Blue shade is to demonstrate the refreshing to relaxing powers of yoga. The chunkiness of the font captures the physical power one can gain by practising yoga.