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Position:Yoga Teacher
Thalia is from London and is half British, half Japanese. She first tried some yoga as a teenager, to support her ballet classes. It was only at 25 that she really fell in love with yoga, and found it the perfect complement to a busy day job behind a desk.

Thalia did her teaching training at Samahita Yoga in Koh Samui with Paul Dallaghan, who trained with Pattabhi Jois in Mysore. Thalia also enjoys teaching yoga to children, teenagers with special educational needs, and to all sort of people like rugby players or people in the army who might think ‘yoga isn’t for me!’ She teaches a range of vinyasa and power yoga, and firmly believes that no-one is ‘too stiff for yoga’ and that above all, yoga should be FUN. She would love to see you on the mat!