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Sebastian Arbondo

Position:Guest Teachers
Discovered yoga in 1993 and has been practicing with dedication and devotion ever since.

He has completed a three year Teacher Training course in Traditional Hatha Yoga in Uruguay and a 200 hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training in Vinyasa Yoga with Louisa Sear.

Sebastian has been practicing Ashtanga yoga daily for 8 years with world renowned teachers, such as: David Swenson, Kirsten Berg & Mitchell Gold, and Rolf and Marci Naujokat.

Sebastian has traveled to India six times during the past five years for a period of three months each trip to practice and study asana and pranayama with his certified teacher Rolf Naujokat. Sebastian has been trained as an apprentice and has had the opportunity to assist Rolf & Marci for the last three seasons in their Mysore program in Goa (India).

Two years ago Sebastian founded his own Ashtanga Yoga Mysore style program in Osaka, Japan, where he teaches traditional morning Mysore practice throughout the year.

He has also had the opportunity to teach yoga retreats, and workshops in many countries around the world, including: Uruguay, Argentina, Spain, Finland, Sweden, Holland, India and Japan.

Sebastian wishes to share the wisdom of yoga and the lessons of his teachers in a way that is supportive and inspiring to his students. He has a deep love and reverence for the practice and is passionate about sharing this with others to help them along their path of self-discovery and liberation.

In his teaching he emphasizes non-competition, alignment, safety, integrity, humility, patience and surrender, while sharing what he has learned through his personal journey of exploration through daily practice.