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Position:Yoga Teacher
With a passion for health and life , Payal believes Yoga is nurturing, soothing and empowering. She believes Yoga takes care of developing and ‘discovering’ ourselves on all levels : physical, emotional, psychological, intellectual and spiritual.

She completed her 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training with Yogalife® in Dharamsala, India and is working towards her 500 hours certification. Fascinated by human biology, health and science drove her to study Biomedical Engineering in India, Germany and Switzerland. She is born and brought up in Dubai and has spent a few years in India where she first stepped on the mat at the age of 17.

She is patient and loves to teach and has studied with inspiring teachers from different parts of the world such as Rod Stryker, Shiva Rea, Coral Brown, Simon Park,  Poonam Stecher Sharma , Tiffany Cruikshank and others. Teaching a combination of different forms of Hatha yoga , Mindfulness & Meditation she has always tried to spread Yoga on and off the mat.

Her interests are in Yoga, Mindfulness, Ayurveda and other spheres of Eastern Medicine. She loves her subjects of Anatomy, Physiology and Neuroscience that makes the human body the most fascinating to learn about.

She teaches in English primarily. However, she can use some Hindi and German if required.


Fridays 5:00 – 6:00 pm

Yin Yoga is a meditative, healing practice using passive, long-held floor poses. Yin yoga bypasses the muscles and allows you to nourish and strengthen our deeper tissues. Connective tissues, fascia, joints, tendons ,ligaments and bones receive gentle, low load stress. The poses are held between 2-5 minutes and the muscles stay passive in order to stimulate the meridians and the nervous system. Each Yin pose is an opportunity to go inward and find an appropriate balance of effort and ease. It is a perfect complement to an active (Yang) practice and a much needed tool for anyone who needs to unwind a tight body, mind or heart. Yin is suitable for all levels, including beginners.


Tuesdays 8:45 am -10:00 am

Gentle Hatha is a mindful and meditative approach to opening the body with softness. This class is complete with opportunities for self-care bringing forth surrender and release with ease. Hatha Yoga emphasizes on breath, balance, strength and stretch. This class is designed to accommodate each student as they meet themselves where they are. Suitable for all levels.
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