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Position:Yoga Teacher

Yoga, Well Being Lifestyle Coaching, Yoga 4 Kids, Healing with Isabella Dove

Prior to dedicating her life to Life Coaching and Yoga, Isabella has served in five continents as manager for an International organization handling portfolios, classified information, training staff and developing projects and knowledge management networks, public speaking and representational functions.

In 2008 she quit the job. In 2009 she established her first Healing and Wellbeing Studio in Bangkok before moving to Laos.

The studio served as a base for a growing business community and very quickly yoga was added as a valued service. Moving away from beaten tracks she was offered a partnership to establish a fully-fledge Yoga and Well being Studio in a remote country of West Africa, Burkina Faso. The studio was entirely built from nothing and she created it around a solid community offering lifestyles conscious and healthy products, a lounge and arts crafts. The passing of her daughter has put an end to the endeavor which continues after her leaving the country. She is a dedicated professional seeking excellence in management, yoga coaching and healing services. She is free of commitment and free immediately.