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Position:Yoga Teacher
Desire started practicing yoga 10 years ago and is since then continuously training and expanding her breadth of knowledge and experience. She graduated in Philosophy and French language with literature but seeing the deep effects the practice of yoga had on herself inspired her to complete 200hr Yoga Teacher Training and is since then helping others find their own yogic path.

Desire believes yoga is our natural state and seeks to inspire and help her students to realize the limitless potential that already resides in them. She considers it a privilege to guide students through this amazing practice of breath and body awareness, so that they too may experience the healing calm, strength, and focus that yoga can provide – whether on or off the mat.

While sharing her love for yoga as a teacher Desire is remaining a forever student. She had a chance to work and study under the guidance of many inspiring teachers and continues to search for new opportunities to deepen her practice. Desire Buk.

Desire still carries with her words of her teacher saying that a smile on the face is the most important asana. She wants to share this with her students and keeps reminding them to listen to their bodies, to observe the sensations within and respond to them with respect and kindness. You should be joyful and happy in your practice. Yoga isn’t an endurance test, it is about accepting you as you are and working gently and lovingly on your limits. Keep the face soft- if you notice that the facial muscles are tensing, then you need to come slightly out of the asana.This is about being able to tell the difference between tension and strength.Yoga is working with a sense of strength and relaxation, not tension and force.During your practice, think of moving with control, with beauty and with grace – if you start losing these elements, then you need to ease the intensity of the practice. Do yoga with a smile, approach it with joyful and playful attitude. Frustration doesn’t belong on your mat. Enjoy the process, it’s all part of the journey. Perhaps the biggest challenge is taking these lessons from your practice into your daily life.
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